Competitions create insane reach

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In a world where virtually nothing comes for free the idea that you might not have to fork out a fortune on huge advertising budgets to reach thousands of people is one that will appeal to most.

Figuring out exactly what that ‘thing’ is often makes managing social media channels a dark art for many, who struggle to see the connection between the posts they put online, be that Facebook, Twitter or any other channel, and interesting, engaged, connected customers.

At Piece of Cake Communications we think we know the types of ‘magic’ formulas you need to ensure your organic ‘reach’ – that’s the number of people who see your posts without having to pay to force it into their newsfeeds – is as high as possible.

A shining case study


Cornwall Farmers




Average daily reach increase: 882%

Average daily likes increase: 1187%

Average number of shared posts increase: 2266%

Single post with maximum reach: 11,444 people. Bringing 182 new likes to the page. 921 post likes, comments and shares.

So how did this happen? Well, when we first started working with Cornwall Farmers we discussed the importance of organic reach. Ensuring that you content is interesting enough that people would actually WANT to share it on their behalf. So we put on hold advertising spend while we went about thinking about interesting, creative content.

Piece of Cake then worked closely with Cornwall Farmers to think about how we could help maximise their idea to put a competition online, with the marketing objective of building likes and raising awareness of the brand.

At Piece of Cake we were confident that quite early on, fans would start to recognise and look out for the post appearing in their timeline each day.

These results show that, with a bit of planning and giving some thought to process, Facebook can be used to deliver really outstanding results for a brand in terms of awareness and engagement, even at times of high activity on the platform such as in the run up to Christmas when people are often busy and/or distracted.

What can Piece of Cake do for your social media campaigns?

There are a few different things we can do to help turn around your channels (Facebook, Twitter etc) so they are working for you as an effective marketing tool, including:

  • Developing a social media content strategy
  • Exploring ways to use competitions and incentives to boost reach
  • Integrating your social media strategy with a broader marketing strategy
  • Posting on behalf of your business – thus saving you time and maximising impact


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