LinkedIn Company Pages







Top tips on making the most of your page


We often get asked how best use a company page on LinkedIn. It works in a very similar way to Facebook, in that you want people to follow your page, engage with it and see it regularly in their news feeds.

The option to sponsor posts, in the same way that you can boost posts on Facebook, is also there.

Here’s a whistle stop tour of LinkedIn company pages. Best way to get used to using it? Give it a go!

Admin centre

This will give you a tour of your company page.

Opening page

Quickly access your page from your profile image at the top right corner of your profile.

 Edit page

Add admins, change company descriptions and add additional information.

Share button

Find new followers by sharing your page, either with individuals, groups or the public. Followers will see your page updates in their timeline.

Engage your audience

You can target in a range of ways, by company size, by individuals, employees or non-employees, industry, language preference, seniority, geography etc.


See how your page is performing with analytics. This looks at information such as audience, impressions, clicks, interactions and more.

Social actions

Track your day-to-day interactions with your audiences. See likes, shares and more.

Post a job

Upload job adverts and information about posts you’re advertising.

Sponsored ads (native ads)

Gives you the option to do things such as:

  • Set your own budget and choose from cost per click or cost per impression options
  • Use Direct Sponsored Content to easily test your messaging
  • Target by job seniority, fields of interest, degrees, member groups and more


Find out straight away who is interacting with your page.


If that all seems a bit much why not drop us a line here and talk to us about we can help manage your LinkedIn company page.